The Minimum Information Required for a Glycomics Experiment (MIRAGE) guidelines seek to facilitate the reproduction of experimental work in glycomics by improving the quality of published data. UniCarb-DR is the first database to implement a framework for the support of MS and Sample preparation compliant data.

Besides sample preparation and MS guidelines, UniCarb-DR also collects HPLC settings. The submission process allows to capture all these data online. However, in order to facilitate data submission, we have designed an excel file that can be uploaded when completed. The collection of data specific for each structure follows a different workflow. In this case, it is necessary to create a Glycoworkbench file (extension gwp).

The submission process differentiates two types of data that can be described as a) general for the experiment and b) specific for each structure in the experiment. A file format has been implemented for both types of data, a Glycoworkbench file (extension gwp) for the former and an excel file for the latter. These files can be uploaded to UniCarb-DR through the submission system. For each structure, this file includes a peak list, a scan name, and a series of attributes that can be described in the notes section. The submission process cannot be completed if the gwp file is not provided.

Below both files are available to download. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. For a point-by-point description of how to submit data to UniCarb-DR please download this PDF file.

GlycoWorkbench file.

This file contains a single structure that can be used as example for the addition of new data. More than one file can be used when the number of structures is too big.

Download sample Glycoworkbench file

Excel file.

This file can be personalized to better fit your experiment. Please, start by choosing your setup.